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 VS6 Installer - Windows 11 - 08/10/2021 minimieren

VS6 Installer 6.5 is already compatible with Windows 11 beta 22000

Download page


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Visual Basic was born 30 years ago. Happy Birthday!

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Visual Studio 6.0 Installer wizard v.6.5
Updated: 05/01/2021

Latest test: Apr 30, 2021 on Windows 10 Home
The version 5.0 will no longer be updated.

   Download Page
 Downloads: 241.071

The creation of VS6 Installer has cost many hours of study, design and development, as well as continuous updates to keep up with Windows updates (builds).

if you think it was useful you can make a small donation (€ 10,00 or more)


 When you make a donation, let me know your username, so I can add it to the list of contributors.
You will also be able to automatically access a restricted area of users who will be able to download special contents.

See Donation Edition v. 6.5 - 2021


Install Visual Basic 6.0, MSDN library and SP6 under
Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/2000,
32 bit / 64 bit,
any edition
(Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enteprise).

Recommended for Windows 10: install first, then run as administrator.

VS6 Installer WebHelp
   updated May 1, 2021
See complete video (old)  tutorial on YouTube:  english version    
   versione italiana    
For any questions post message on the VS6 Installer FORUM. I do not answer privately, or on YouTube. 

it is strictly forbidden to distribute and / or share VS6 Installer (any version, any file) without written permission from the author (me).


 STELLARIS - italiano minimieren



Per gli appassionati e nostalgici di Stellaris (che divenne famosa grazie alla trasmissione Solletico su RAI1) è disponibile una macchina virtuale per Oracle VirtualBox con Windows XP in cui è pre-installata la serie completa (8 episodi).

Come vedete nella seconda immagine, gli 8 episodi sono suddivisi nel Program Manager nei gruppi Stellaris e Stellaris 2.

La macchina virtuale è disponibile sul forum Stellaris Revival, che si raggiunge facendo clic sul link nel box a sinistra (visibile solo se sei registrato).



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Codebook 2001 - da - VB6.0 (italian only). Read...

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 2018 - News minimieren

Early-Late binding in VB.NET + Excel: add english translation 

 2017 - News minimieren


VS6 Installer 6 v.5.0 (with setup)
New installable version.

VS6 Installer - WebHelp 
Now the help is online.  Read...

Open URL with any browser  Open a web page using any browser (VB6.0). Read...

Bmp2Jpg  Convert a bitmap file to jpeg (VB6.0). Read...

CueBanner sample  How to add CueBanner text to TextBox and ComboBox (VB6.0). Read...

Support for Visual Basic 6.0 - 05/06/2017  
Support statement for Visual Basic 6.0 has been updated. Read...

API function (undocumented) to custom message box. Read...


 2015 - last news minimieren

Project Login  version 4.0:
the latest version of a small VB 6.0
sample application which shows how to create a 'complete application' which manage data from database (the sample use Access 2002-2003 database) using ADODB. Read...

Downloads: 5.005

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How to add CueBanner text to TextBox and ComboBox (VB6.0). Read...


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