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 Project Login Minimize

Project Login  is a small sample application which shows how manage a database (Access 2002-2003) using ADO 2.5.

The purpose of this project is to provide support to less experienced developers in the design of data-oriented applications using a database. In practice it is a kind of 'template'
project that can be used as a basis to develop or expand their applications.
Especially focusing on the management of data concurrency which is a critical step of the multi-user environments.

I hope this project helpful.

The project can be downloaded and modified freely without any restrictions.
The author disclaims any and all liability.

Optimistic concurrency
To test for optimistic concurrency (multi-user on LAN) perform the following steps::
- Compile the project
- Start 2 sessions of the compiled program, taking care to connect:
- in the first session with: user1 / password1
- in the second session with: user2 / password2
- open the same record in both sessions
- edit and Save the data in the last session, opened with user2 (the second)
- now edit the data and save in the first session opened with user1.
A message will indicate that the changes isn't allowed because the data are already been changed by user2.
To be able to edit the data, please refresh the original data from the database (Refresh button).

Optimistic concurrency





 Version 4 Minimize

Project Login v.4 - last update 02/15/2015

the fourth version of a small sample application which shows how manage a database (Access 2002-2003) using ADO 2.5.

What's new in version 4.0

English translation
    All project translated on english language (objects and database included)
    Row selection sometime was not refreshed correctly
Export Excel
    The user can choose the name of the Excel file, and the name of the sheet.


 Versione 3 Maximize

 Versione 2 Maximize

 Why ADO 2.5? Minimize

Some might wonder why I never used ADO 2.5, instead of version 2.8.

The only reason is that being a project dedicated to those who are not very experienced, will find more comfort if he can use the help of ADO that only works up to version 2.5 (in fact).

Obviously in a real project will be more appropriate to use the version 2.8.

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