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Codebook 2001 - da Visual-Basic.it - VB6.0 (italian only). Read...

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Visual Studio 6.0 Installer wizard v.5.0 (setup)
last update: 10/29/2017

Latest test: Jun 11, 2018 on Windows 10 Pro - v. 1803 (build 17134.48)

   Download Page
 Downloads: 190.219

Install Visual Basic 6.0, MSDN library and SP6 under Windows 10/8/7/Vista/2000,
32 bit / 64 bit, any edition
(Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enteprise).
Recommended for Windows 10: install first, then run as administrator.

VS6 Installer WebHelp
   updated September 9, 2019
See complete video tutorial on YouTube:  english version    
   versione italiana    
For any questions post message on the VS6 Installer FORUM. I do not answer privately, or on YouTube. 

it is strictly forbidden to distribute and / or share VS6 Installer (any version, any file) without written permission from the author (me).


LATEST TEST - Installation of
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition (ITALIAN)
MSDN Library Visual Studio 6.0 - 2 CD (complete)
Service Pack 6.0


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Early-Late binding in VB.NET + Excel: add english translation 

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VS6 Installer 6 v.5.0 (with setup)
New installable version.

VS6 Installer - WebHelp 
Now the help is online.  Read...

Open URL with any browser  Open a web page using any browser (VB6.0). Read...

Bmp2Jpg  Convert a bitmap file to jpeg (VB6.0). Read...

CueBanner sample  How to add CueBanner text to TextBox and ComboBox (VB6.0). Read...

Support for Visual Basic 6.0 - 05/06/2017  
Support statement for Visual Basic 6.0 has been updated. Read...

API function (undocumented) to custom message box. Read...


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Project Login  version 4.0:
the latest version of a small VB 6.0
sample application which shows how to create a 'complete application' which manage data from database (the sample use Access 2002-2003 database) using ADODB. Read...

Downloads: 5.005

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How to add CueBanner text to TextBox and ComboBox (VB6.0). Read...


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