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 UpdateControls Riduci

Update Controls 
for Codejock Controls

Last update: may 3 2021 - beta 0.5.0

Updated to Codejock v19.0.0

 (some images is not updated)

Please note that there are two setup versions (please see the different SETUP colors):

1) UC beta 0.5.0 - include Codejock OCX v.19.0.0                     2) UC beta 0.5.0 (no OCX) without OCX           

 Of course, if you already own Codejock SuiteControls licensed, should be downloaded the no OCX version.


 This tool allows you to replace many VB controls with Codejock SuiteControls controls, and others old controls (Innovasys e VDGT).

Controls replacement in a VB6 project may be a very hard and tedious work which involve many aspects as cut and paste controls, adjust code, adjust tab index, adjust zorder, missing properties, etc...
If you have to replace many types of controls, then the time to spend to achieve your goal may become very hard.
Moreover, if the project contains many form (10-15 or more) with a lot of controls then the cost become impressionante dreadful!

So, after I purchased a license of Codejock Suite Pro 12.x, I decided to spend a bit of time to make this tool which do all work in my place.

UpdateControls allows you to save time, and controls replacement is easy, fast and simple.


UC animation

To see a short demo of UpdateControls click over image below...

UpdateControls video



 History Riduci

beta 0.4.0 - may-12-2011

Updated to Codejock v15.0.2 

beta 0.3.0 - nov-12-2010

Updated to Codejock v13.4.0 

beta 0.2.0 - mar-28-2010

 1. 'Load project' page has been changed to 'VB project' page

 2. Naming of images has been changed to allow UC to load
    saved images automatically. See the NEWS #1.

 3. UC now saves text resources from FRX file, too.
    So, all resources will be saved.

 1. Add the feature to load saved images automatically.
    UC add the necessary code in the Form_Load() event, so
    each form load related images in run-time mode.
    This feature add code to load Icon and Picture property. 
    MouseIcon, instead, will be commented because this property
    isn't supported in all CJ controls.

    You can activate this feature in Options page
    Add code to load images run-time.

 2. Add OpenFolder button to 'VB Project' page to open then
    folder project in Explorer.

 1. Even if 'Empty subfolder, first' options was set, images
    wasn't deleted.

 2. Cursors resource wasn't saved.


beta 0.1.0 - mar 21 2010

First public release


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